Focus on the Positive

I saw a commercial about #stopthehate earlier today, and it struck me as odd.  Let me explain why.  I agree with the principle of the organization.  However, in light of so many hashtags that emphasize Stop this or Don't that, I wanted to throw a little spin on things.  

So, I have learned that whatever I apply your focus and attention to becomes reality.  I am no master of elevated thought, or a contributor to The Secret, but I have learned that if I focus on NOT doing something, I end up giving so much energy to it, it happens anyway.  It doesn't matter if I am focused on a positive outcome or a negative outcome.  I could say, "I will not do such and such."   The harder I focus on not doing "such and such," the more energy I give to it.  Then I do it.  Paul even talks about this in the New Testament.  He said, the thing I don't want to do....that is exactly what I do!

So, Dennis, what's your point?  My point is this: let's put a positive spin on this.  We are forever talking about stopping hate, and stopping racism, and stopping gender inequality.  Do you see the pattern?  We spend so much time STOPPING something, we end up giving it more and more attention.  Hate increases, racism continues to be a problem, and gender inequality is still an issue?  WHY???  Because we are still giving it energy.  The universe hasn't felt the STOP.  It is building the energy from our energy....what we are focused on.  I read an interview with Morgan Freeman years back, that when the interviewer asked what he felt it would take to stop racism--he bluntly replied, "Stop talking about it."  Let's stop giving it the energy!

Instead of working from a preventative aspect, let's turn to a pro-active position.  Let's start hashtags like #pushlove, #allracesneedlove, #menwomenunited.  Yeah, they are cheesy, but they provide positive energy, and it will shift the universe's energy.  We must start pushing to promote LOVE, promote UNITY, promote community.  

Where does this start?  Each of us loving himself or herself.  I want to refer back to the New Testament again, where Jesus reminds us that the whole of the Bible's principles can be summed up in two statements:  1) Love God, and 2) Love others AS WE LOVE OURSELVES.  If you as a person cannot love what he or she sees in the mirror, you cannot truly love another person.  You can think you do, but you don't.  You cannot give what you do not have.  

We have to start loving ourselves.  I have learned this the hard way.  I was expecting everyone else to make me happy, when that was purely my responsibility.  I have to take care of myself.  I have to do things to keep me full of love and joy and peace.  Then...and only then, can I give that out to others.

I saw news of another school shooting this morning.  Why?  Bullying.  Kids who don't know how to love and accept themselves, and taking it out on a perceived weaker kid, until that kid snapped.  Shot up other people.  Banning guns may help, but it really will not fix the problem.  Banning other weapons--same scenario.  We are not dealing with a physical issue--we are dealing with a soul issue.  We have to love ourselves enough to realize that there is an element of divine in each person on this planet.  We were created in God's image and likeness.  To hate someone else because they are different is to deny a part of myself, because I am HUMAN, with a divine spark in me.  So, if I hate someone else, I am at odds with myself, because I am denying the other person's divine spark.

I hope this made sense, as I rattled if off pretty quickly.  But it was on my heart, and I had to share.  Let's spread LOVE.  Let's spread TOGETHERNESS.  Let's spread UNITY.

I love you all.  Peace and joy to you, you beautiful people.

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